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Customer Demographics - Arabic

di Beinex


The Accelerator for Customer Demographics shows you who your customers are so that you can deliver the right goods and services to them. The insights available to you here segment your customers by their gender, age, languages the customer prefer to communicate, their educational background, and also the information about the services they use.

Beinex, a global Salesforce Partner, created this Accelerator natively in Arabic as a companion to the English version, and you can connect with their team here.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How many customers have you served each year?
  • How many customers are B2C, and how many are B2B?
  • How many customers are there by segment--Corporate, Private, Public?
  • Which channel is being used by customers for communication?
  • Which service is being used by customers prominently?
  • How does your customer base differ by educational background, age, and demographic?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Customers
  • Yearly Trend
  • Special Category categorization
  • Age wise classification
  • Gender classification
  • Services used
  • Educational qualification
  • Location wise classification
  • Nationality wise classification
  • Language classification
  • Channel classification
  • Category classification

Required Data Attributes

  • Date (date)
  • Age group (string)
  • Category (string)
  • Channel (string)
  • Gender (string)
  • Language (string)
  • Location (string)
  • Name (string)
  • Nationality (string)
  • Qualification (string)
  • Service (string)
  • Special category (string)
  • Number of customers (number -whole)
  • Age (number -decimal)


Supporta il mapping dei dati