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Synchronized Refresh

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Why Synchronized Refresh?

Ensure your dashboard reflects your most up-to-date data with Synchronized Refresh. This extension automatically refreshes your dashboard’s data sources at a time interval of your choice. It also allows users to select a specific time at which the refresh interval should start. This extension will only refresh data sources with live connections. 

How to use the extension

Find the Extensions button that is located at the bottom of the left sidebar of Tableau. Click and drag it onto your dashboard. A modal will appear. Then use the search bar in the upper left and search for ‘Synchronized Refresh.’ Select it, then click ‘Add to Dashboard’ in the upper right. A container will appear on your dashboard with the date and time that the data sources were last refreshed and a progress bar displaying the time remaining until the next refresh.

The content of the extension container will differ based on the container’s dimensions. For example, the progress bar and remaining time will be hidden when the container is shorter. When the container is shorter, hover over the previous refresh timestamp to view further information about the next refresh.

Dashboard authors can change the configuration settings by clicking on the downward arrow on the upper right-hand corner of the extension container and choosing ‘Configure.’ A modal will appear, prompting the user to choose an interval and start time (click the checkbox to activate the start time selector). Once you’re happy with your configuration, click Apply to save your changes, sit back, and enjoy having your data automatically refreshed!

Please keep in mind that changes to the configuration will affect the refresh timing for all users viewing the dashboard.

Tech Specifications

Hosted at
Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later


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