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ESG Impact Tracking

by Slalom


This accelerator provides an overview of an organization's environmental and social impacts.

It shows historical data for energy consumption, emission breakdowns, and waste. It includes forecasts which show future landfill reductions and energy-mix changes required to meet strategic goals. You also can explore the demographic representation and employee engagement within your organization and keep track of diversity incidents and outcomes.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What are our energy consumption totals?
  • What is our current energy consumption mix?
  • What are our total Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions?
  • How much waste do we generate?
  • What demographic trends do we see in our employee population?
  • How well are we engaging and retaining talent?
  • How are we managing diversity incidents?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Energy Consumption
  • Emissions by Scope
  • Carbon Removals
  • Waste by Type
  • Total Waste
  • Women in Management
  • Demographic Distribution
  • Representation in Management
  • Tenure
  • Departure Rate
  • Diversity Incidents
  • Diversity Incident Outcomes


Supports data mapping


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