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Airline Revenue Accelerator

by USEReady


The aviation industry is currently challenged to optimise its existing business services to generate profitable revenue. The industry’s primary objective is to identify and emphasise key revenue metrics that facilitate informed decision-making. However, the industry has been struggling to identify and analyse the underlying factors that significantly impact revenue.

To address these challenges, a multifaceted approach is being employed, which includes a comprehensive analysis of revenue generation, cost management strategies and customer experience enhancement. This approach is facilitated by implementing USEReady’s MAD framework, which designs optimal dashboards catering to casual users and inquisitive analysts. The Revenue Analysis dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of all the contributing factors that influence revenue generation, such as pricing strategies, route optimisation, passenger volume and customer satisfaction.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is the percentage change in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including Revenue, Passengers, Revenue per Passenger and Cost per Kilometre, for the selected year in comparison to previous years?
  • What is the monthly trend of the Key KPIs for the chosen year?
  • What is the revenue generated for each route from the point of origin to the destination?
  • What is the Pax Utilisation rate for the selected year?
  • What is the monthly trend of Net Promoter scores?
  • How much revenue is generated for each state?
  • What is the distribution of revenue across regions?
  • How many flights have been cancelled, and what are the reasons for the cancellations?
  • What is the percentage of overall seat occupancy for the selected time period?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Revenue
  • Total Passengers
  • Cost per KM
  • Revenue Route Map
  • Utilisation
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Unearned Ticket Revenue
  • Revenue-related Metrics
  • Flight Cancellation Causes

Required Data Attributes

  • Origin: The airport code/name of the departure location (string)
  • Destination: The airport code/name of the arrival location (string)
  • Date: The date of the flight (date)
  • Revenue: The total money earned from the flight (number)
  • Passengers: The total number of passengers on the flight (number)
  • Cost: The total cost of operating the flight (number)
  • Distance: The distance travelled by the flight in kilometres (number)
  • Net Promoter Score: Customer satisfaction and loyalty (number)
  • Flight Cancellation Reason (string)


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