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Gender Representation in the Workplace

by Slalom UK


The Accelerator for Gender Identity in the Workplace provides business leaders with insights into the distribution of gender identities in their organisation: you can see what the relative percentages are today, as well as how the populations have changed over time. You can also explore salary differences, demographics and distribution of genders by department and job level.

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Ask and Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is my current headcount?
  • What is the proportion of male, female and other identities this year? How does it compare to last year?
  • How has the number of employees for each gender identity changed over the years?
  • How does tenure affect salary for each gender identity?
  • How is gender identity distributed by ethnicity?
  • What is the percentage of each gender identity in each department and by job level?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Current Headcount
  • % Male/Female/Other Identities
  • Salary by Tenure
  • Gender Representation by Ethnic Group
  • Gender Representation by Department and Job Level

Required Data Attributes

  • Employee ID (string)
  • Start date (date)
  • Leaving Date (date)
  • Department (string)
  • Gender (string)
  • Ethnic Group (string)
  • Starting salary (numeric)
  • Current salary (numeric)
  • Grade (numeric)


Supports data mapping


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