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Add-On Charts

by Solbeg

Licence Required


Add-On Charts allows you to add additional charts to your dashboard that are not displayed on the standard Tableau “Show Me” section.

  • Boundaries (line)
  • Polar area
  • Pyramid Chart

Graphs and charts help to draw attention. Add them to your dashboard and get a deep, fact-based visualisation. A graphical display of information helps to get out a necessary message, support the conclusion or emphasise the focus.

To get started, use a chart - Boundaries (line), which emphasises the variation value over time and can be used to highlight the common value within the trend.

Try the Polar area chart, in which the circle is divided into equable parts, but their length depends on the value of the variable. The chart looks very powerful and convincing, all segments look like a part of an integrated whole.

Pyramid Chart has the form of a triangle with lines dividing it into sections. Pyramid charts show the hierarchical structure of the items, as well as quantity or size.

Tech Specifications

Hosted at
Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
Tableau Public (2020.1 and later)
Licence Required
A licence is required to use this extension beyond its trial


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