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Democratised geospatial capability for Tableau business users to easily visualise the reachable world using different modes of transport, spatially filter your data against journey times, build routing matrices, ascertain route optimisation and geocoding (coming soon) to help prepare your data.

What problem does Eqolines solve?

If you are an organisation who travels to deliver a service or your customers are travelling to you for consuming services, we help calculate the journey.

Business decisions cannot be based on a radius or how the crow flies. They are inaccurate and not how we as people use the world. We are dependent on modes of transport, road networks and public transport. Anything less than this means loss of opportunities.

We want you, the Tableau Users, to be able to search and filter your data on how people really travel! This extension is built with low code in mind so business users can ask questions – and no longer a need to depend on specialist tools or resources to get this information.

Types of licences:

Free – For non-commercial use only, with restricted quotas. Data provided and support provided by OpenRouteService. https://openrouteservice.org/

Paid – For commercial purposes, with additional features and scalability to support business-wide requirements.

Social viz projects – For projects that socially matter, get in touch and, case by case, we will review and give you free access.

Some of the use cases by industries –

Logistics – What postcodes can we deliver to within a certain time from a number of depots?

Retail – Between 5 coffee shops, what coverage of reachability do we have within 10 mins walking or 5 mins cycling time?

Retail – I want to open a new store, I need to do site analysis against my competitors in the area.

Travel – What Points of Interest are reachable within a certain walking time to my hotel?

Airports – What is the catchment area of my airport at a certain time of the day? And I want to evaluate this using different transport modes.

Transport – What Point of Interests are reachable within a certain walking time, e.g. between a number of nearby stations or bus stations?

Healthcare – I need to deliver new vaccines, what catchment areas are covered using delivery vans within a certain time? Or what areas are within a certain journey time from a hospital or clinics?

Transport – What is the combined reachability of two or more stations when their isochrones are merged? Do we need to open a third station, or do they have sufficient coverage between them?

Many more can be found here

All in one extension!

Isolines – Create on-the-go visualisations from origins and reachable areas by mode of transport and other criteria. Find the intersection, combined reachable coverage as unions, population density, estimated rush hour effect (beta) and intervals.

Journey Matrix – Get a matrix of journey time and insights by calculating many origins to many destinations.

GeoSpatial Filtering – Select your point of origin(s) to many destinations using different modes of transport and filter your data based on reachability.

Route Optimisation – Find the optimal route and number of agents required for number of way points (stops) using different modes of transport.

Geocoding (coming soon) – Make your data viable for spatial analysis by converting address data to Latitude and Longitudes.

Tech Specifications

Hosted at
Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
Tableau Public (2020.1 and later)


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