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Budget Allocation

by Beinex


The Accelerator for Budget Allocation shows you how your revenue and expenses compare with your budget. You can see how those two KPIs trend over time, vendor, economic sector, account group, and geography, and you can drill into individual customer details to make actionable decisions.

Beinex is the global Salesforce Partner who created this Accelerator, and you can connect directly with them to learn more.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is the yearly Revenue and Expense of the organisation in terms of actual and budget amount?
  • What is the percentage of Budget Execution and Achieved Revenue during a year?
  • What is the yearly trend of Expense and Revenue budget amount for the organisation?
  • Which client has achieved the most revenue during a particular year?
  • The highest expense is towards which Sector and department of the organisation?
  • What is Expense and Revenue for the Account Groups of the organisation?
  • Which location generated the most revenue or has the most expense?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Budget and Actual Expense Amount
  • Budget and Actual Revenue Amount
  • Percentage of Budget Execution and Revenue Achieved.
  • Yearly trend of expense and revenue
  • Expense and Revenue by Vendor
  • Expense and Revenue by Sector
  • Expense and Revenue by Department
  • Expense and Revenue by Account group
  • Expense and Revenue by Location

Required Data Attributes

  • Year (Number - whole)
  • Account group (Number - whole)
  • Client ID (Number - whole)
  • Client Name (string)
  • Client Sector (string)
  • Department (string)
  • Location (string)
  • Sector (string)
  • Expense actual (number -Decimal)
  • Expense budget (number -decimal)
  • Revenue actual (number -Decimal)
  • Revenue budget (number -decimal)


Supports data mapping


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