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Contract Management

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Contract Management gives you a jumpstart on data-driven insights for efficiently tracking, evaluating, and optimizing procurement processes. Procurement managers can use this Accelerator to better understand areas for improvement to make better buying decisions.

This Accelerator helps you:

  • Minimize risks and maximize costs savings
  • Gain a complete view of buyers, suppliers, and contracts
  • Understand your top suppliers

Cost avoidance results from an action to stop incurring a cost, while cost reduction will appear as a decrease in spending.

Cost savings is the addition of cost avoidance and reduction.

Total spend under management (SUM) represents total spending before negotiations, subtracted from cost savings.

Answer key business questions

  • Which volume of activity do we manage?
  • What is our exposure to risks?
  • How many suppliers and contracts do we manage?
  • Which contracts are currently active?
  • Who are our top suppliers
  • How do our buyers perform?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Spend Under Management
  • Contracts Under Management
  • Suppliers Under Management
  • Total Cost Savings
  • Total Cost Reduction
  • Total Cost Avoidance
  • Total SUM (Before Negotiation)
  • First to Last Offer %
  • Contract Risk Index
  • Contract Duration
  • Contract Risk Amount
  • New Contracts Amount
  • New Contracts
  • Total Cost Savings (new contracts)
  • Avg Contract Size
  • Cost Savings %
  • Cost Avoidance %
  • Cost Reduction %
  • Risk Exposure
  • Contracts per Supplier
  • Cost Savings % (new contracts)

Required attributes

  • Contract # (string)
  • Supplier (string)
  • Contract Type (string)
  • Organization (string)
  • Contract Owner (string)
  • Buyer (string)
  • Contract Start Date (date)
  • Contract End Date (date)
  • Contract Amount (numeric)
  • First Offer (numeric)
  • Cost Reduction (numeric)
  • Cost Avoidance (numeric)
  • Risk % (numeric)

Tech Specifications

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