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The Tableau Accelerator for SAP MM gives you a jumpstart on data-driven insights for full spend visibility.

Purchasing managers can use this Accelerator to analyze expenses across silos to identify savings opportunities by finding supplier rationalization opportunities.

Savings are computed by measuring the difference between the current purchase price and the average purchase price computed over the last 12 months. This difference is then multiplied by the current quantity purchased.

Answer key business questions

  • What is our purchasing volume?
  • How do we make savings?
  • What are our top purchasing categories?
  • What are our top purchased products? Did we purchase them at the right price?
  • For which products do we have a single supplier dependency?
  • For which products do we have too many suppliers and potentially savings opportunities?
  • How many suppliers do we work with?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Purchasing Volume
  • Vendors
  • New Vendors
  • Total Purchase Quantity
  • Items Purchased
  • Buyers
  • Average Buying Price
  • Volume per Vendor
  • Volume per Buyer

Required attributes

  • Date (date) ← [EKKO.BEDAT]
  • Vendor (string) ← [LFA1.NAME2]
  • Product (string) ← [MAKT.MAKTX]
  • Purchasing Category (string) ← [T134T.MTBEZ]
  • Buyer / Purchaser (string) ← [T024.EKNAM]
  • Purchase Amount (numeric) ← [EKPO.NETWR]
  • Purchase Quantity (numeric) ← [EKPO.MENGE]

Tech Specifications

Connection Type


Supported Layouts

Works with

Tableau 2018.2 and later

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