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Intelligent Narratives for BI

by Arria NLG

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Quickly identify, communicate, and action key insights. This extension provides two powerful components:

  • a range of configurable, out-of-the-box NLG narratives for instant, expert analysis and reporting

  • an embedded chat platform for rapid answers to specific questions.

Arria’s extension enables you to add natural language generation (NLG) capabilities to your dashboard, generating narratives based on the entire dataset beneath it. With expert narrative generated from the entire dataset, critical facts and insights that might otherwise be missed are now shown—resulting in faster, better-informed decision-making. Use this extension on any dashboard or data model you have in Tableau.

Bridge Tableau to Arria NLG and go beyond out-of-the-box narratives to custom narratives that extract specific insights from the data.

Highlights include:

  • unlimited number of dimensions or measures

  • narratives created for any type of data-driven visual

  • ask specific questions about your data and get fast, precise answers

  • encode your own BI-analyst knowledge into the system

You have full flexibility to interpret findings, summarize key insights, point out specific facts, or tell the whole story in as many words as you need, in real-time.

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Tech Specifications

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Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
License Required
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