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Write-Back Free

by Xpand IT



The Write-Back Free extension allows you to select data from your Tableau sheets, edit or add new information to it and persist it on a Google Sheet. This sheet can then be used as a data source and blended with original data allowing to close the loop and display whatever data was persisted. The extension can be used across different use cases such as: Categorizing data on the fly, similar to group functionality but the categorization gets stored; Add comments across the dataset; Even for budgeting or specifying goals, you just need to select the base fields defining the level at which they will be defined, then you just have to create the target fields filling the values, either directly or with a formula, and on the date fields you can edit the values to place it in the future. If you are looking to write data on databases and want the data only on your infrastructure check the commercial version of Write-Back

Tech Specifications

Hosted at
Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later


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