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Integrate strategic insights into your Tableau dashboards with PowerKPIs

Use PowerKPIs as the new central entry point for your analysis in Tableau. It provides a powerful platform for illustrating the connections between different KPIs in an engaging value driver tree format, adding valuable context to data-driven decisions. From top-level summaries to detailed examinations of specific operational drivers, PowerKPIs enhances your ability to tell a compelling story of business performance through a single, intuitive interface.

PowerKPIs is easy to set up and supports a variety of common data structures for KPI reporting. Customize your KPI views to meet the unique needs of different business units, enabling precise control and strategic analysis directly within your dashboards. You can also leverage the power of the Tableau platform by interfacing PowerKPIs with Tableau Pulse and other Tableau interactivity features.

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PowerKPIs free is completely functional and features only a discreet banner. This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and utilize all that PowerKPIs has to offer in Tableau before deciding to subscribe in your production environment. PowerKPIs free is not enabled for viewers of published dashboards. To experience the full product which will also renders for Tableau Viewers, request a free trial over here: https://appsfortableau.infotopics.com/request-free-trial/

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