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Tableau Dashboard Certification

by Wiiisdom



Is your Tableau dashboard accurate, recent, and reliable for decision-making? How can you be sure? With Wiiisdom, it’s easy to deliver trust everyone can see with dynamic dashboard certification (otherwise known as a watermark).

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Build a test with Wiiisdom to validate that dashboards are accurate and comply with user experience, security, performance, and regulatory requirements.
  2. Activate the dashboard certification post-process action in Wiiisdom.
  3. Add the extension to your dashboard. Configure dynamic certification by adding the Wiiisdom-generated Endpoint ID and Endpoint Secret in the configuration window.

The extension will display a certification symbol and message if all tests pass. Excellent!

However, the extension will mark the dashboard as NOT CERTIFIED if any tests fail. Think of this as a safeguard—with continuous testing and dynamic certification, you’re protecting content consumers from making decisions based on bad data, mitigating costly mistakes for your organization.

Can I use the Tableau dashboard certification extension without Wiiisdom?

Yes. The extension gives you the ability to trigger certification manually or dynamically.

What is Wiiisdom?

Wiiisdom is the pioneer in analytics governance, building no-code, enterprise-grade solutions for analytics and business intelligence platforms such as Tableau. Wiiisdom delivers automated BI testing capabilities, integrated workflows for content lifecycle management, and continuous monitoring of analytics content and environments, making it easy to comply with governance policies at scale. For more than 17 years, Wiiisdom’s solutions have helped organizations of every type, including Fortune 100 companies, build trust in data and analytics, ensuring leaders can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

What is Wiiisdom for Tableau?

With Wiiisdom for Tableau, anybody can build and run comprehensive tests to validate that dashboards and data sources are accurate and comply with user experience, security, performance, and regulatory requirements. Wiiisdom for Tableau also streamlines lifecycle management with one-click content promotion and dynamic dashboard and data source certification. Featuring integrated alerting capabilities, Wiiisdom enables you to monitor your BI content and analytics environment at scale so you can catch issues proactively and foster trust in data-driven decision-making.

How do I learn more about Wiiisdom?

Contact us at

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