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Students at Risk Accelerator

by Datatelligent


The Accelerator for Students at Risk built by Datatelligent helps higher education institutions, including private and public four-year universities and community and technical colleges, identify students at risk for retention and in need of outreach.

With a set of pre-built, visually rich dashboards, higher education leaders and administrators can actively monitor, identify and engage with at-risk students. Accelerators are built with sample data that can be swapped out with your own information, allowing you to discover insights with minimal setup. With just-in-time analytics at your fingertips, institutions can quickly identify opportunities for improving the student experience and enhance student support. The dashboards present a variety of insights including the ability to customise and add risk factors as per the institution’s needs.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Which students are facing barriers to staying enrolled?
  • Which students have been identified for retention outreach due to their risk category?
  • What are the trends in enrolment, retention and course-specific data to facilitate proactive outreach?
  • What are the retention risk factors based on key student criteria?
  • Which students are at risk based on Learning Management System (LMS) metrics?
  • What are the at-risk scores by student characteristics such as major, year/term and first-time/transfer status?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Retention risk factors
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Academic probation
  • Student type
  • High school diploma status
  • SAT/ACT score
  • First-generation college student
  • Hold codes
  • Academic disadvantage status
  • Full/part-time status
  • First-time student
  • Late registration
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) measures
  • Detailed risk information for specific students
  • Student totals
  • Full and part-time students
  • First-time vs transfer
  • Traditional vs non-traditional students
  • Ability to customise and add risk factors as per institution’s needs

Required Data Attributes

  • Act Sat Score (Numeric)
  • Advisor Email (String)
  • Advisor ID Num (String)
  • Advisor Name (String)
  • Athlete (String)
  • Birth Dte (Date)
  • Credit Hrs (Numeric)
  • Crs Cde (String)
  • Crs Title (String)
  • Cur Acad Probation (String)
  • Degree Seeking (String)
  • Entrance Trm (Numeric)
  • Entrance Yr (Numeric)
  • Final Grade (String)
  • First Gen (String)
  • First Time (String)
  • Has Remedial English (String)
  • Has Remedial Maths (String)
  • Hold Cde (String)
  • Hs Diploma (String)
  • ID (Numeric)
  • Loc Cde (String)
  • Major (String)
  • Midterm Grade (String)
  • Repeat Flag (String)
  • Student Mobile Number (String)
  • Student Name (String)
  • Student Personal Email (String)
  • Student School Email (String)
  • Trm Cde (Numeric)
  • Veteran (String)
  • Yr Cde (Numeric)


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