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Couchbase Analytics

by Couchbase Analytics


The Couchbase Analytics Tableau connector provides familiar and secure native Tableau connectivity so that you can quickly visualise and analyse your operational JSON data. It uses Couchbase Analytics tabular views to annotate your data with type and relationship information for Tableau and provides an easy-to-use SQL-based interface to support your analytics-driven query needs. This connector works with Couchbase Server v7.1 and later.


  1. Download the Connector file (.taco).
  2. Move the .taco file here:
    • Windows: C:\Users[Windows User]\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Connectors
    • macOS: /Users/[user]/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Connectors
  3. Start Tableau and under Connect, select the Couchbase Analytics connector. (Note: You’ll be prompted if the driver is not yet installed.)
  4. Couchbase Analytics Driver Installation:
    1. Go to the Driver Download page.
    2. Download the Couchbase Analytics Connector zip file, unzip the downloaded zip file and move the couchbase-jdbc-driver*.jar file to the following directory:
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
      • macOS: /Users/[user]/Library/Tableau/Drivers
  5. Relaunch Tableau and connect using the Couchbase Analytics connector.

Note: Older version of the driver can be found here.

Tech Specifications

Works with
Tableau 2020.4 and later