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Single-Selection, or Single Answer Questions are questions where a user is asked to pick only one answer from a pre-determined set of responses of two or more options. They are one of the most common survey question types and are effective in determining a user's primary preference among a set of choices.

This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Measure results of surveys with single choice questions
  • Deep-dive across segments to uncover specific patterns

Answer key business questions

  • What is the most frequent answer to the questions?
  • What does my answer base look like?
  • What are the predominant feelings of my result base?
  • Does the overview of their response match what I expected?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Nb of Participations: Number of participations to the survey
  • Nb of Questions: Number of questions that were asked in the survey
  • Score: Share of times this choice was picked. A single choice question is a type of question that presents a list of options from which the respondent is asked to choose only one option. They can be used to gather data on a wide range of topics, including demographics, attitudes, behaviours and preferences.

Required attributes

  • Survey Date (date): Date of survey
  • Participation # (string): Participation Unique Identifier
  • Question (string): Label of the question (for example: "Where are you based")
  • Question Category (string): Grouping of Questions
  • Answer (text) (string): Label of the answer