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Language extension/plugin provides one of the best methods to understand data better by explaining data in words and assisting dashboard visualisations like charts with automated, intelligent, concise narratives. Business users and analysts can analyse and explore data independently through automated, bullet-pointed narratives. Drill down into the data through multiple filters, make queries through “Ask Phrazor” & receive real-time replies. Fluid, non-rigid dashboards create data stories, incorporating all required KPIs, instantly, without the need for data expertise. Automated insights uncover deep underlying data trends, identify data patterns and establish data inter-relationships for holistic analysis and story creation on the dashboard. No insights are missed, and all data points are presented as meaningful, actionable insights for easy and optimal analysis and decision-making. Language extension/plugin also facilitates data storytelling, making dashboards more engaging through summarised descriptions of key data points.

Tech Specifications

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Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
Licence Required
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