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Einstein Discovery

by Salesforce

Licence Required


Einstein Discovery, powered by Tableau CRM, lets you analyse historical data and build machine learning models without having to write a single line of code. This extension connects your Einstein Discovery models directly to your Tableau data to provide predictions at the point of decision making.

There are two ways to use the extension:

  • Perform what-if scenarios - Simply connect your predictive models directly to Tableau parameters and get a prediction on a simulated row of data.
  • Aggregate bulk predictions: Get bulk predictions based on rows of data in your worksheet and see the average, sum or median of these predictions.

For each prediction, you can optionally retrieve the top factors that most significantly impacted the prediction, as well as the top actions you can take to improve the predicted outcome.

To use the Einstein Discovery Extension and gain access to any predictive models you’re authorised to use, one of the following Salesforce licences is required:

  • Einstein Discovery in Tableau
  • Tableau CRM Plus
  • Einstein Predictions

Tech Specifications

Works with
Tableau 2021.1 and later
Licence Required
A licence is required to use this extension beyond its trial


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