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Sometimes, users want to have the ability to add, delete or edit existing data behind a Tableau visualisation and instantly see how those changes are reflected in the Viz. Apps for Tableau developed the ultimate solution for these challenges and many other use cases: WriteBackExtreme. Collaborate, forecast, run surveys and much more, all safe and secure under the governance of Tableau!

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Demo username: writeback.
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WriteBackExtreme has four modules:

1) Add Data

When you want to add a forecast & budgeting workflow or play a What-If scenario, the WriteBackExtreme extension allows you to add or change data that is connected to the visualisations present in your dashboard. Data is connected on an aggregated level. By adding and writing back adjusted forecasts, the effect of changes is visible in the Tableau visualisation almost instantly. This is the power of Add Data!

Collaboration add-on

The Collaboration template is a part of the Add Data module. It allows you to create annotations and comments on marks in your visualisations from within your dashboard. Create and manage annotations on marks in your visualisations, assign annotations to other users, reply to annotations/comments to start the dialog and collaborate to the full extent!

2) Data Helper

The Data Helper allows you to create, edit and delete records from your custom table without changing existing data! Eliminate Excel-based workflows!

3) Data Correction

Some Data Quality use cases demand changing lots of data on the row level. Your dashboard users can perform data corrections directly from the dashboards where they detect the inconsistencies in an Excel-like layout. With the full audit trails with rollback capabilities, your changes to the data are secure and governed. Audit trails and rollback capabilities are available for all modules!

4) Management Console

The WriteBackExtreme extension offers a highly configurable and governance-induced Management Console. The control room of WriteBackExtreme allows authorised access to different roles of users. Some of the valuable features of the management console are managing schema’s (use cases), Connections with databases, permissions, groups, and users.

Governance and Security

WriteBackExtreme has been penetration tested and provides authentication with SAML. It works natively with Azure, Okta and custom Single Sign-On providers. WriteBackExtreme can integrate seamlessly with your existing data sources. You can write back to supported database platforms like Snowflake, Amazing Redshift, Oracle, Azure Synapse, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. All Apps for Tableau products are secure as we comply with ISO 27001 and NEN7510. Your data and user access are secured under Tableau’s governance. Apps for Tableau products are secure-on-premise or private-cloud-deployed and facilitate your workflow in Tableau, eliminating the move to external programs.


The free version of WriteBackExtreme enables you to explore the product in a predefined Tableau Workbook.

This free version is for non-commercial use only and is connected to an online environment hosted by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau. Be sure not to use any privacy-sensitive data with the free version. The online environment will be periodically reset.

Proof of Concept on your own data?

Contact us for more information or a PoC on your data via https://appsfortableau.com/writebackextreme/

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Contact: support@appsfortableau.infotopics.com



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Tableau 2018.2 and later
Licence Required
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