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With the CodePad for Tableau extension, you receive a handy source code editor with syntax highlighting that synchronises with a tableau parameter used in SCRIPT calculation – all this with 4 different programming languages. You can just focus on writing your code and creating new data analytics algorithms rather than having to learn how Tableau analytics extensions (earlier called external services) work. How does it work? Assuming you’ve already connected your Tableau with the TabPy or RServer server, you simply pull the CodePad for Tableau extension onto your dashboard, and you will immediately get an embedded code editor. In the configuration view, select the parameter which will store your code and choose your favourite programming language (Python, R, Haskell or MATLAB) in which you will write the code, then use that parameter in your SCRIPT_ calculations. That’s it. Once you’ve entered the code snippet and executed, it will get automatically saved into the underlying parameter.

Try it out with this demo! Read more about it in this blog post

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Works with
Tableau 2019.4 and later


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